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Michele E. Gwynn

Michele E. Gwynn   December 12, 2013  
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Bestselling Author on Amazon (Once Upon a Midnight, Oct, 2016 Amazon US; The Winter Wishes Collection, March 2017 Amazon UK)


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Michele E. Gwynn
Michele E. Gwynn

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Pen Name
Michele E. Gwynn
Where I Live
Schertz, Texas
Shout Out
Shout out to my bestie, paranormal author Jami Brumfield, and all my wonderful, supportive Crazy Lady Authors who have become my sisters, my sorority of writing women with the power of the pen!
Michele E. Gwynn is an independent author from San Antonio, Texas., the creator of the Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series (crime/suspense), Harvest Trilogy (horror-scifi), Angelic Hosts Series (supernatural romantic action & adventure), and several stand-alones; Waiting a Lifetime, Darkest Communion, Fractured. Gwynn is a former newspaper journalist and online content contributor whose accomplishments include multiple celebrity interviews, many garnered during her time as senior editor for Fashionerotica, an online avant garde fashion magazine out of New York. Her work has been published by Hearst Corp./, Examiner, Film Industry Network,, Community Circular Magazine, and more. She is an Amazon Bestselling Author for Once Upon a Midnight (Darkest Communion) and The Winter Wishes Collection (Sophie's Wish).

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