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Peter Cimino

Peter Cimino Updated October 12, 2018




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Peter Cimino
Peter Cimino

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Naperville, IL
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My third book, "From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour", a nonfiction memoir is complete and pending a release date.
This is a remarkable, untold true story of how the son of a famous Jewish Mob Hit Man was protected and guided to a safe, straight and prosperous life by the most feared gangsters this country has ever known. His father "Charlie "The Bug" Workman, the supposed killer who whacked Dutch Schultz served 24 years in prison. All during this time, due the tremendous amount of respect, honor and love his mob associates like: Charlie Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Lepke Buchalter, Louie Catone, Gyp DeCarlo, Milty Tillinger and others, had for him they took Chuck under their wing and made sure he stayed on the straight and narrow. The lengths that these men, and Chuck's mom Katie went to, to make sure he grew into a straight and respected man of honor staggers the imagination. This might be the first "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book ever written that includes notorious mobsters.
"Lucky Says Hello": Short story fiction e-book available on Kindle.
"The Four Corners, A Sicilian Story" is Peter's first full length novel. It takes place before "Lucky Says Hello" and involves the same unforgettable characters, setting and plot theme as Lucky. In short, it is how it all began. The Four Corners is available on Amazon Kindle, Amazon Paperback and Createspace Paperback.

"Business and honor go hand-in-hand for humble and popular Sicilian businessman and aspiring politician, Pete Carissimo. But, but one fateful night his entire world changes in ways he never fathomed, when he stumbles upon one of the most powerful gangsters in the world, Charlie “Lucky” Luciano beaten, slashed and left for dead. Pete instinctively saves the man’s life. In doing so, he earns the mobster’s undying gratitude. Pete is quickly drawn into a business opportunity he simply can’t refuse. As the money starts to roll in, the lines between the good guys and the bad guys begin to blur. He’s no gangster – he never wanted to be and promised his father he never would be – but when dangerous enemies threaten all he holds dear, Pete is faced with becoming what he promised he would never be – a gangster.

"The Other Side of the Mob", will Peter's first nonfiction book. The projected release date is spring of 2016

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