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Siggy Buckley

Siggy Buckley February 09, 2013



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Siggy Buckley
Siggy Buckley

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Siggy Buckley
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Cherie, a 40-something divorcée from Dublin, Ireland, is on the rebound, looking for a soul mate the second time round. Love @ first click is intoxicating. Have laptop ─ can travel! However it takes two to tango. Many a Mr. Right turns out only to be Mr. Right Now. Even her background as the owner of a dating agency doesn’t prepare her for the characters she meets. She learns the hard way that it's easy come, uneasy go, in this online candy store of adult romantic dreams.

Her story is an intriguing read and at times a raunchy ride around the world. With insight and humor, Siggy Buckley tells the sassy story of a woman's quest for a second chance in life, finding that our today's mate selection rituals have become a lot more complicated than kissing a few frogs.

In this edition, Siggy has added a brand new appendix packed with dating tips and invaluable information for online daters, based on her expertise as a dating counselor and her experiences as an internet dating pioneer.


Written by a pro who when through the same problems that divorced people are facing in finding a new loving relationship after a break up. I've been there...I know what it feels like. I can give you advice!

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