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Kristina Kaine

Kristina Kaine Updated February 09, 2013


Kristina Kaine

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Where I Live
Merimbula, NSW. Australia

Esoteric interpretation of The Revelation to John. Presented as a map of consciousness.

The human race is going through an incredible awakening. Like Snow White, we have been asleep for hundreds of years. Now our prince has come to give us the kiss of life. You might be asking what the story of Snow White and the Book of Revelation has in common. If you looked into it you might be surprised. Who is the prince? Wait and see.

What has it meant to have been asleep? We all know that when we are asleep we are unaware of our surroundings and if we awaken from a very deep sleep we sometimes do not know where we are or what we are supposed to be doing. This lack of awareness is the problem we face today. If we are not fully aware of who we are, where we are (in terms of the cosmos) and what our purpose is how can we possibly be content, let alone happy?

The pursuit of happiness has taken us to extremes causing damage to the planet as well as to our minds and bodies. The extreme abuse, of ourselves and others, in every facet of human life is atrocious. How are we to live with these extremes? Or do we ignore them to stay sane? If you keep these things in mind and read quickly through The Revelation to John it is not difficult to think that John saw into the present 21st Century.

So it doesn’t take much to realise that something has to change if we are not to fall further and further into decadence. But this won’t be achieved merely by demanding that something be done by someone else, governments etc. What has to change relies on each individual, it relies on each person discovering his or her own soul’s secret.



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