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Darryl Dawson

Darryl Dawson Updated January 04, 2014



Book Listings

THE CRAWLSPACE - Honorable Mention, General Fiction, 2010 Hollywood Book Festival.


Darryl Dawson

Author Details

Pen Name
Darryl Dawson
Where I Live
Phoenix, AZ
Shout Out
"IF IT BLEEDS is one captivating little nail-biter, written with some of the best pacing and suspense I've had the privilege of reading in a long while. And with only one novel Darryl Dawson proves himself a seriously good writer. For more reasons than one, books like this make you turn off the TV, for good."
--Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and NOMADS.
Introducing Darryl Dawson’s first full-length horror story, a novella that asks a terrifying question of electronic media—What if man was exposed as a monster? Moses Mayborne has a steady job in TV news, despite a horrible accident years prior that took the life of a co-worker. Just as his wife, a reporter named Sheila, has given birth to their first child, his boss gives him an opportunity to become a photojournalist. Moses accepts, for his baby son’s future, and to help erase the brutal memory of his past misjudgment. As Moses scours the city for news, he notices a change in the city’s residents; they’ve become colder, and more prone to violence. He witnesses cannibalism, suicide, and lack of empathy for a dying woman. He sees wild dogs roaming the streets with fangs bared and evil in their eyes. When he pays a visit to a friend who is debilitated by self-mutilation, he begins to understand the connection between the growing mania and the TV station where he works. He fears for himself, his family, and the world. Moses is too late, however to save his wife, as Sheila falls victim to the manifestation of the subliminal signals being broadcast throughout the city. An attempt to save her ends up with her running away from him, and taking the baby with her. Guided by the ghosts of his past, Moses dodges the deadly rampages of a savage city in a desperate search for his loved ones. When he finds them, he comes face to face with the evil, and the reality: We are what we see.

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