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Harold Kasselman

Harold Kasselman Updated January 11, 2014



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128 reviews with a 4.4 rating average. There are 70- 5 star reviews and 44- 4 star reviews.


Harold Kasselman

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Sarasota Fl and Voorhees NJ
DO YOU ENJOY LEGAL SUSPENSE? HOW ABOUT A NOVEL THAT COMBINES A COURTROOM DRAMA WITH BASEBALL? If so, this is for you. Phillies' rookie pitcher Tim Charles anguishes over his manager's order to retaliate against a Mets' batter for the team's honor. He throws a high inside pitch that crashes off the batter's head, but no one can foresee the unthinkable consequences. Tim becomes the target of a grand jury investigation for murder when an avenging widow pressures officials to prosecute. A baseball feud between the Mets and the Phillies ignites into a shocking and suspenseful criminal drama played out in the courts. Veteran prosecutor Jaime Brooks faces his toughest challenge when he collides with Tim's defense team in this unchartered task. Brooks confronts a possible criminal conspiracy among team members, an uncompromising widow hell bent on getting justice at any cost, corruption in the grand jury, and a national furor over the inherent risks of baseball versus the accountability of its players to society's laws. Not only is Tim Charles on trial for his life, but the very nature of baseball is at stake as the jury views and hears the emotional evidence

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