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Regine Allison Claire

Regine Allison Claire Updated February 22, 2015
Regine Allison Claire

Author Details

Pen Name
Regine Allison Claire
Where I Live
Author of YA & NA fiction, specializing in fantasy.

Born and raised in Canada, Regine Allison Claire grew up in a household bursting with varied interests and creativity. At age six, she discovered the art of storytelling, writing about a boy who had lost his mitten. For the rest of her schooling, she became the girl with her nose in the books and a pen in her hand, taking on short stories, novels, and poetry. By her last year of high school, she faced the difficult decision of choosing her university major, considering literature, science, or music. She chose the sciences, attending Western University to study biology and ecology. Her writing tagged along, making appearances between study sessions. Now graduated, her writing has demanded equal attention to her non-writing work.

Regine is a practicing Druid with a passion for how humans affect the world and the acquiring of knowledge. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found doing range of other things, including sewing, exploring technology, volunteering, and whatever else strikes her fancy. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her partner and their feline boss, Silbhester.

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