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Robert Saltzman

Robert Saltzman Updated January 11, 2014




Robert Saltzman

Author Details

Where I Live
Safety Harbor, FL
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Break out crime thriller “Salty and the Serpent” Safety Harbor, FL - Salty and The Serpent is a gripping new crime thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very last page. Using a raw tone that explores society’s underbelly, this exhilarating novel follows a basic patrol officer from a sector car to being a detective while finding himself in the middle a few high profile cases along the way Author Robert Saltzman was raised in Brooklyn but spent most of his adult life in Chicago. He invents the characters in his writing by drawing upon his childhood memories and flair for the dramatic. With a writing style that is real and never sugar coated or phony. Saltzman is the proud father of a Marine Corps veteran and has two beautiful grandchildren. He’s currently retired and living in Florida. Written in a real, non-sugar coated style, Salty and The Serpent shows readers how crimes are really solved, unlike television shows that briskly solve them in forty-five minutes or less. Incorporating realism and excitement into the world of police work, this action-packed story will leave readers breathless as they follow along with Bobby Salter. Twisting and turning as the characters come to life around it, this enthralling novel hooks readers from the very beginning and refuses to let go. Bobby Salter is a cop’s cop. A basic patrol officer, Bobby and his partner Vinny Serpentino have just brought down the empire of two of the biggest coke dealers in Brooklyn. With a huge money bust in their back pocket, they are promoted to plain clothes officers and assigned to patrol the streets of Bobby’s grandfather’s old neighborhood. As his resume begins to build, Bobby’s rise will take him all the way to detective as he is thrust into solving high profile cases from Manhattan to the Bronx. As the action twists and turns, Bobby’s story will lead to a surprise ending that no one would ever see coming. Salty And The Serpent is available on in soft cover print and in Kindle for e-readers, tablets, Android phones and PC’s. Publisher CreateSpace Inc. All rights reserved

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