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Keri Nola

Keri Nola February 10, 2013



Book Listings

Debuted #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Sleep Disorders and #3 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in New Age Emotional and Spiritual Healing
Keri Nola

Author Details

Where I Live
Central Florida

This book will benefit people who:

Appreciate natural remedies for resolving sleep challenges

Have difficulty falling asleep

Have difficulty staying asleep

Experience restless sleep

Feel tired upon waking

Have low energy at points during the day

Fear bedtime because of a history of sleep difficulties

Have difficulty relaxing the mind at bedtime

Have difficulty relaxing the body at bedtime


In her latest book, 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep, Author and Holistic Psychotherapist, Keri Nola, offers a collection of 44 diverse, holistic tips, tricks, and techniques that support you in discovering and relieving the environmental, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and energetic influences keeping you from peaceful sleep.  If you are ready to empower your sleep cycle with simple, easy to implement ideas, this book will be the resource guide you return to night after night to get the rest you deserve and desire.


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