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Eleonore Caron

Eleonore Caron Updated February 11, 2013
Eleonore Caron

Author Details

Pen Name
Eleonore Caron
Where I Live
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Shout Out
online book club

This is a children's story that was inspired by my dog,myself and the place in which we lived. I used my dog and myself as the basis for my main characters and the setting is a beach town that we enjoyed living in at the time that I started writing children's stories.

Ellen and Gizmo are little detectives and through their sleuthing activities become local heroes.

It's a simple story but one that children and parents will enjoy because everyone loves a hero and a happy ending.

Gizmo and Ellen Mysteries- The Case of the Missing Boy is the first in a series of mysteries that Gizmo and Ellen solve. This first story sees the characters evolve from finding things to a real live person and as a result become local heroes.

It is a simple children's story with colorful illustrations and tells a story about a girl and her dog and the beach town where they enjoy living.

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