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Patti Lavell

Patti Lavell February 13, 2013


Patti Lavell

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United States

"Confessions of a Catholic School Dropout” is my flippant tale about growing up in a strict, Irish Catholic home.  The goal was to reveal my unusual past, including some very serious and distressing experiences, with unrestrained hilarity.  Mustached nuns, botched Confessions, the sexual escapades of priests and intoxicated Irish Catholic Godparents are just a few of the things at which I irreverently poke fun in my first book. 

My gender was a great disappointment to my family and I grew up knowing my lack of male parts killed my Godfather Patrick and took a good man from this world.  Pretending to be a boy and struggling to make sense of Catholic Sacraments that were beaten into my head as well as my backside, I learned early in life that laughter is like a good Irish Whiskey; it can make us warm inside when the world around us is cold and harsh.

This book reminds us that going to Church doesn't make us good Christians any more than floating in the ocean makes us yachts


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