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Alex Pennington

Alex Pennington Updated February 13, 2013
Alex Pennington

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United States

Ten revolutions ago the Elonian colonies of Vorga, Enphuerzo, Sontonos, and Hothonos fought a bloody war of independence from their government. Their victory left the two factions with lasting feelings of hostility, though despite this, they largely ignored each other. All of this changes when Vorgian agent Rigel Korth assassinates the Elonian delegates to a peace conference, igniting the conflict once more. When civilian James Ross is placed on the Elonian Special Ops team known as the Rangers, he couldn't have been more excited to serve his people. Though as he gains his first experiences of real war, he quickly realizes it isn't as easy as he had once perceived. Forced into situations his team is not sufficiently trained for, James and the Rangers must grow as a squad to overcome their Vorgian foes. Though even when the dust settles, an even greater force awaits. One so mysterious they could not have hoped to see it coming.



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