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Tippy Felzenstein

Tippy Felzenstein Updated January 27, 2014


Tippy Felzenstein

Author Details

Pen Name
Tippy Felzenstein
Where I Live
New York
Shout Out
She raised her hands in surrender realizing that life as she knew it was over. The car raced straight into the mountain, and at the point of impact, everything went black…. Life on the other side of the mountain began when she opened her eyes and found herself in the kind of pain that begs to be released; death was the only wish that made sense…/ Then it happen, she saw it, her entire life flashed in front of her eyes and she was standing in the middle of three huge screens, yet she was part of it. The journey began and she was shown how she planned it all with her own personal “Planning Power” the power to plan that we are all born with. Each one of us has the power to plan a life of perfect harmony, or perfect disaster, or a blend of both. It’s all up to us. That is why we should run to make something happen right now, the moment you finish reading this, sit down and start the plan..…get started on it now. Don’t wait, and whatever you do, don’t ask permission, just go, get it done, and then tomorrow do it again. Because you can!

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