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Robert Stanek

Robert Stanek February 13, 2013

Book Listings

Awards, Accolades for Technical Books

6-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for outstanding commitment to technical communities worldwide.

Series Editor for the award-winning Pocket Consultant Series

40 #1 bestsellers in their respective categories

Multiple awards for excellence in technical writing. From the Communications of the ACM, books that have received top awards for Excellence in Technical Writing include: Windows Command-line Administrator's Pocket Consultant, Windows Server 2003 Inside Out, and Windows Scripting Bible.

Awards, Accolades for Ruin Mist / Kingdoms & the Elves / Service of Dragons

In 2002, Keeper Martin's Tale and Elf Queen's Quest were instant bestsellers spending 26 weeks on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Top 50 list.

Review by the YA Librarian Staff at VOYA - the leading magazine for YA librarians - regarding the original series: "Dramatic illustrations draw the reader into the Tolkienesque world of Ruin Mist, plunged into darkness after a Great War five hundred years past. Blaming magic for their demise, the Kings of Men have decreed that all things magical be destroyed. Yet despite their efforts, the magical Dark Lord is slowly returning to power. Stanek augments the beginning of this complex tale with illustrations that are sure to attract fans of graphic novels and classic Tolkien alike."

Foreword Magazine: "No matter how fascinating a fantasy world is, it fails if not animated by a compelling story and Stanek gives us not just one, but three, tales. A prolific non-fiction writer, Stanek's focus on instruction influences his fiction with a penchant for clear and simple prose. He also prefers swift, action-oriented scenes. Solidly built. Stanek moves among his main characters with ease, always switching at a climactic moment to maintain suspense. The accessible, brisk language keeps things moving."

Ruin Mist was featured in the Publisher's Weekly Cover Story in April 2009. Nearly a million people have read the Ruin Mist books. The books are available via Amazon, Audible, Playaway, OverDrive, and more than a dozen other retail and library partners.

The books have been written about in several printed books including The Complete Idiots Guide to Elves and Fairies, Ancient Art of Faery Magick, and Popular Series Fiction for Middle School and Teen Readers: A Reading and Selection Guide (Children's and Young Adult Literature Reference).

Awards, Accolades for The Pieces of the Puzzle

The Pieces of the Puzzle was an instant Top 10 Mystery Bestseller and a #1 Fiction Bestseller on Audible in 2005.

Awards, Accolades for Bugville Critters

Follett Early Learning recommended. "A series of stories that address all major issues of growing up, and features Buster Bee and Lass Ladybug. Combines facts about the natural world with instructive and entertaining fiction."

Foreword Magazine recommended. "Author Stanek has a long list of best sellers, including technical publications and fiction for adults and teens. The bright, colorful illustrations are reminiscent of David Kirk's Little Miss Spider books and will captivate the young reader for whom the book is intended. This series, The Bugville Critters, helps children sort out real lessons about life, family and the natural world."

The Audio Book Store recommended. "Robert Stanek is one of our most featured and respected Kids & Young Adults, K-12 Educators and Kids authors."

Parenting Magazine "Recommended Series"

Awards, Accolades for Stormjammers

The Journal of Electronic Defense recommended. "EC-130s have participated in every significant combat operation US forces have been involved in for nearly two decades. Now, thanks to this book by former Compass Call "crew dog" Robert Stanek, readers can ride along with Stanek and his Grey Lady Compass Call crew during 32 combat missions from January to March 1991, during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. It is impossible not to share the relief and pride of the individual crew members when the attack missions they protect exit Iraq safely because the Iraqi air defense command and control nets were completely defeated by Compass Call's powerful, targeted jamming."

Other Awards, Accolades

Robert Stanek's books have also been featured in Children's Writer, The Children's Bookshelf, Writer's Digest, The New York Times, and other fine publications and periodicals.

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