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PJ Dunn

Paul Dunn Updated February 07, 2015



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PJ Dunn

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Pen Name
PJ Dunn
Where I Live
Forest City, NC
Writer of Historical fiction, and mystery/thriller series The Mound City Serial Murder files. Author Bio
From the time I entered first grade in school, I have been fascinated by history. Especially history that occurred in areas such as my hometown. A Revolutionary War Battle took place near where I grew up. From a very early age, I visited the National Park occasionally, where I could walk the trails, see the monuments and grave sites, and let my imagination run wild. As I got a little older, my fascination with the Revolutionary War only increased. When I was taught in school about the Civil War, I quickly developed the same fascination. I would converse with anyone who would listen to my ramblings, and it didn’t matter to me which war we talked about.
At the age of fourteen, I met a man, a teacher, who seemed to have the same inherent interest and I guess you would say obsession with the Revolutionary War. I would sit and talk with Richard for hours. It took another fifty years for the seed to sprout, grow, and come to fruition, but better late than never. I fulfilled a life-long dream of writing a book.
The seed had been planted, but remained dormant for so many years. Being a teen, some things got pushed aside. I didn’t abandon my passion for history, just let it fall aside. Even though I began to replace some of the activities, with typical youth activities, I was still received an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution, for involvement in history, and promoting the historical facts of the Battle of Kings Mountain.
After finishing my education, I did as most everyone does, and entered the workforce. I was married to my lovely wife and we were blessed with three children. I was working a public job, struggling to get along. We moved away from Kings Mountain. I never lost my fascination for the Revolutionary War or the history of the United States. Always in the back of my mind, I could still hear Richard say, “you need to write a book.” In December of 2012, illness forced me to take some time off work. As I sat at home, recovering, I thought, maybe this would be a good time to make my dream come true. I began to write my first book, writing about things I knew and loved. “King of the Mountain” was released September 16, 2013. I have continued with my interest, launching my second book in November 2013 and now releasing my third, "A Season of Revenge" the first of the series 'The Mound City Serial Murder Files.'

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