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Scarlett Savage

Scarlett Savage Updated February 25, 2018



Book Listings

2009 NOMINATED Pulitzer Prize (Dear Daddy, Love, Cassie)
2009 Finalist for the Edgar Allen Poe Awards (Chase a Killer, Catch a Killer, Run, Run, Run)
2008 Play “I AM A GIRL!!!” was selected out of thousands of international applicants to be presented at the International Girl Scout Jamboree, Feb. 2008, Newport, RI
2006 New England Theatre Award (She Blanking Hates Me: A Love Story)
*Beating out Ernest Thompson, of “On Golden Pond” fame, with his new play, “Ax of Love”
2006 Spotlight of the SeaCoast (She F&%$king Hates Me: A Love Story)
2006 NH Theatre Award (What My Daughter Wants)
2004 Spotlight of the SeaCoast (Dear Daddy, Love, Cassie)
2001 Julie Harris Award, 3rd Place (Dear Daddy, Love Cassie)
2000 F. Gary Newton Award, (Cam and Jammers)
1999 Austin Novel in Progress Award (The Madman’s Clay)
1997 Jane Chambers, Feminism in Playwrighting (Dear Daddy, Love, Cassie)
1997 HBO Wavy Lines New Writer’s Project, 3rd Place (Dear Daddy, Love Cassie)
1993 Arnold Colbath Excellence in Direction Award (The Centerfieldsman)
*First female and first undergraduate and first female in the 47 year history of the award to win.
1993 Robert Hamlett Playwrighting Award, (The Centerfieldsman)
1993 Stephen King Award (UMaine) Short Story Award, (The Bridge)

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Scarlett Savage
Scarlett Savage

Author Details

Pen Name
Scarlett Savage
Where I Live
Santa Monica, CA


    It’s the present-day America, but in which all narcotics were legalized fifteen years ago with the advent of the Freedman Bill (called the Legalization). While there is finally plenty of money to pay the police, teachers, and other public workers, and no one in the country is without insurance or food and shelter, the government now utilizes many methods designed to keep drug use to keep it within a “safe” parameter…violating many of the Constitutional rights in the process.

    The country is torn by this decision; there are the “Realists”, who feel firmly that since drug abuse isn't going away, that they should tax it, make it available, and put these trillions toward improving our country. The “Idealists” are convinced we are allowing our baser instincts to be used for the good of the politicians, and fiercely fight to overturn.     

    In this midst of all this, rock band Deus Ex Machina (Latin for "God From the Machine"), having won an American Idol-type competition, executes its first tour. Roped into participating by his lead singer girlfriend, Raven Lashua, bassist and aspiring politician Ashe Brecken is dismayed when his band wins. Hoping to turn his instant celebrity toward a purpose, he begins working with Stay Straight, an organization dedicated to overturning the Legalization. What he doesn’t know is that Raven has reasons for supporting the Freedman Bill…and is willing to secretly sabotage his life’s work to protect it. After a public humiliation spurs his desire to overturn the Bill, Ashe employs deadly designs to make the statement that the Bill Equals Death. Turning to someone he’s long despised to assist him in this dangerous efforts, this longtime band of musicians and friends are now in the midst of changing not only the nation, but the whole world…but at what cost?


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