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Sheila Dool

Sheila Dool   January 30, 2014  
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Sheila Dool
Sheila Dool

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Springfield Mo.
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I have to thank my husband Danny. He has been my biggest support system and best friend for over 27 years. He stood by my side through so many trials. He makes me laugh and comforts me when I'm sad. He is often my muse when I work. My English Lit. teacher in high school, Ms. Simpson is the person who made me realize reading and writing were fun. She was the first person to ever make me think I wanted to be a writer some day. Rebel Ink my Publisher, and my editor with Rebel Ink, JT are incredible. She has taught me so much. I have never been real good with editing but with her instruction and hard work I have learned so much more then I ever thought I could. I really have to thank all of these people for thinking I was worth taking a chance on. Much love :)
Sheila Dool, Author of Contemporary Romance has written a very heartwarming story in Willoughby Road. It has everything you want in a good story in this Diary of a young girl the summer after her fathers death. There's love, suspense, the bond people develop after a disaster strikes and a bit of the paranormal tossed in for good measure. If this story is half as good as her A Forever Love Anthology, it will be great. Book 1 of the A Forever Love Anthology is out now with A Forever Love Retribution coming February 17th 2014. The final will arrive in May. Willoughby Road will be out early Summer 2014.

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