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Deborah Martin

DM Updated February 16, 2013
Deborah Martin

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Where I Live
Morganton, GA

A comprehensive, at-your-fingertips reference on the medicinal and magical properties of over three hundred herbs.

For millenia, man has been using herbs; in food, for healing, and for magical purposes. Only in the last hundred years have the medicinal and magical properties of herbs been separated by the scientists and magical community. This book reunites the two in a comprehensive reference.

Drawing on her years of practice and research, Deborah Martin has compiled information on over three hundred herbs. Avoiding the confusion of common names which can vary by region, she uses the Latin binomial or scientific names for all the plants but gives the reader a cheat sheet for easy reference. Written with a touch of humor, she details the difference between synthetic drugs and herbal alternatives. Lists make looking up an herb for a simple ailment or magical spell effortless. Also given are instructions for different types of herbal preparations and their medicinal and magical uses.


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