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Jaycee Brown

JB Updated February 08, 2014





Author Details

Pen Name
Jaycee Brown
Where I Live
Newcastle, England
Crime Book Club said: When Peter a fit and healthy lecturer dies while on a research project, his wife Laura can not believe her best friend and life partner is no longer alive. When she finds out he has died from a heart attack she begins to get suspicious. When presented with the evidence Laura wants to further prove that the man she loves has not died of natural causes. The author Jaycee Brown presents a very detailed and technical description of Peters death, I couldn’t help but feel I was watching a Dr at a lecture and he was going to dissect Peters heart right in front of me. When Laura hires private investigator Helen Riley, an ex army undercover surveillance officer and police detective she wants to get to the bottom of her husbands death and find out why people are not telling her the whole story. Riley trusts only a few people around her and is always looking for her next threat. I am not sure if it is intentional but Jaycee seems to touch on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with Riley’s character, after being left to the enemy to be tortured by her commanding officer Riley has apparent issues. Learning more about her stresses the author outlines her struggles excellently. Riley travels with Laura to the remote Isle of Lewis, where she meets Donald a local police officer, who over time helps her to figure out why people are trying to cover up more than one suspicious death. Together they start to uncover a web of cover-ups, and they seem to go all the way to the very top! You notice quite quickly that Sergent Donald MacLeod is Riley’s love interest and this shows her womanly softer side. Riley appears to be a strong and very independent woman but she slowly falls for the sergeant. I am very impressed by the comprehensive knowledge Jaycee Brown showed when setting out scenes, many times Riley uses her military experience to investigate and each time I felt a confidence in the writing. When Riley finds out that drones are being tested on the Isle of Lewis she is fighting against the tide to prove they are being tested secretly and on local livestock. After she is chased by a drone and finds a poisonous dart on her vest Riley has conclusive evidence that the poison used on the darts caused the deaths. With the help of Sergent MacLeod and other loyal friends Riley wants and needs to stop the use of the drones. This was a superb read and we can’t wait to see more from Jaycee Brown, especially more of Helen Riley.

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