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R.W. Williams

R.W. Williams Updated February 17, 2013
R.W. Williams

Author Details

Pen Name
R.W. Williams
Where I Live
Ferndale, WA

When a single vehicle rollover on Interstate 5 shows a suspicious circumstance, Washington State Patrol Detectives Trotman and Carver are on the case.  A sinister plan reveals itself as the pieces fall together and the suspected murder is linked to more states.

But tragedy strikes and the case comes to a screeching halt with the death of Special Investigator Max Torkelson, known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to hard-to-solve crimes. Fortunately, a like-minded and up and coming Detective, Sheree Williams, steps to the fore.  Her innate ability to decipher the cryptic notes left behind on Max’s files flings the case into overdrive.  Unless she presses forward, one of the most frightening mass murder plots in U.S. history will launch within days or even hours. As the clues fall into place one after the other, she and her fellow detectives are pushed to the limits to crack the case and save the lives of unknown victims.  She has one last elusive piece to grasp and make sense of, but can she make the connection in time?

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