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Stephan Kloppert

Stephan Kloppert Updated February 14, 2014
Stephan Kloppert

Author Details

Pen Name
Stephan Kloppert
Where I Live
Cape Town, South Africa and Radevormwald, Germany
How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget" I believe the book with its detailed step by step descriptions will enable you to start your own worm business and will help you to make money from home. Once you have worked through the book you should be able to: Raise and multiply earthworms Build your own functional and commercially marketable worm farm(s) Know what to feed your worms and where to get the food for very little money or possibly for free Protect your worms against the elements and their natural predators Produce and harvest worm castings (potentially the world’s richest organic fertilizer) Produce worm tea and worm leachate (liquidized worm castings) Know how to package, price, brand and deliver your worms and worm related products Offer work-shops to the public and potential clients that explain the basics of worm composting Build a range of commercially marketable worm farms Market your worm farms, worms, worm castings and worm tea to millions of potential customers, i.e. nurseries, garden centers, fishermen, gardeners, pet owners, private households (that want to recycle their food and garden scraps), restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, zoos...! The list goes on and on! Generate an income and run a profitable worm farming business If you are looking for an affordable way to generate extra income from your home or backyard than worm farming can be a great solution for you! The industry is still growing and my book will teach you all you need to know to get your profitable business of the ground. Here is what customers had to say! "This is a great book! It's well written and has great information for starting a worm business. If you are just interested in increasing your worm herd, it has a section on that too, with detailed instructions on how to do that. No crazy tricks, just straight forward, useable information." Kimberly from the United States ---------- "This book is the best I`ve read on worms. Everything about building a worm farm is described." Hubertus from Germany ----------- "This is a great book. The author has written a step by step, easy to read book on worm farming. I found the book informative, well written and oftentimes humorous. It is clear that the author knows his product. I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in starting a business in worm farming or to avid gardeners and those wishing to do something that is positive for the environment. It is a very cost efficient and simple business" D. Sigamoney from South Africa

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