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David P Perlmutter

David P Perlmutter Updated December 28, 2016



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Wrong Place Wrong Time hit #1 in True Crime in USA, currently #1 in Spain in Real Events and #7 in True Accounts in the UK.


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David P Perlmutter

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Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is my first book, is based on a TRUE STORY about my trip to Marbella in Spain. The events that occurred after my reckless night in London still live with me, even after many years and will continue to do so. It all started going wrong after a very successful day in the office. I went out that evening to celebrate with a friend and after behaving in a very reckless manner, I lost everything. Career, apartment, the car, the lot! After a few months staying at my parent’s house, I became a recluse so I decided to take a holiday to Marbella and having a great time. The first couple of weeks were full of parties, drinks, drugs and women. Then after leaving a party I came face to face with a blazing hotel fire. I then risked my life and what happen thereafter is the most harrowing time of my life.


Wrong Place Wrong Time, a True Story by David P Perlmutter.

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