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Philip A Oldfield

PHILIP  ANTHONY OLDFIELD Updated October 17, 2016




Philip A Oldfield

Author Details

Pen Name
Philip A Oldfield
Where I Live
Exeter, England
Hi, I am Philip Oldfield

A Writer and Novelist living in Exeter, Devon.

I have always been interested in people; the psychology of what makes us sapiens tick. My fascination with the workings of the human mind and its influence on emotions and actions has led me to write cross genre novels: a mix of suspense, psychological, historical, medical and contemporary fiction.

I like to travel. There's something about being on a journey, meeting the new, the unexpected, the serendipity of help from others, which stirs my soul. As a writer, the world and all of its corners are within my reach. When ink from my fountain pen touches paper, when typed words flow from my keyboard to the screen; new life with all of its lightness and darkness is laid bare.

There are many characters in my world, some from the past, some from the present, and some, yet to be born. Take Claire Yohanus and Tom Abimelech; I dedicated my first book to them, for without their courage and testimony, Blood Relationships could not have been written. She is a reporter and he, a trainee catholic priest. What they are about to find out will break your heart. But when you're faced with the unimaginable; there is no turning back.

Then there is Kate... Kate Bevoir, she's a fellow writer. We doubled up and wrote The Lying Truth. I really like her. She's a fighter. Well, she had to be. What she went through... I mean how on earth do you cope with a husband, his name his Niall, by the way, who changes and sets out to tear your life apart? What people will do for love when their life falls apart... well, I will let Kate tell you. She's a better writer than me.

Oh, I mustn't forget little Ben, he had such a tragic start, his mother died in childbirth. Luckily, Karma nudged Death and Hope into action and at the age of seven, Ben's dreams began. If truth is to be told, and I suppose I should say it now, that is how Ben met a dancer, whom he still proudly proclaims is: "My Dream Mother."

Of course there are more tales to tell, but I should leave you to read and explore the imaginary and sensory glimpses of places around the world and let you walk in the shoes and heartbeats of the characters. And if you do travel with them, alongside the pace of the stories, you'll also have time to catch your breath and experience a whole new world between the pages.



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