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Richard J Galloway

Paul Updated February 19, 2017
Richard J Galloway

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Richard J Galloway
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United Kingdom
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Amantarra is the first book in "The Ascension of Valheel" series.
The city of Valheel had once been an exciting place to live and work. Having reached the limits of what was technically possible in the universe, the Bruwnan had crafted a new reality for themselves outside the dimensions of Euclidean space time, a virtual reality, but a reality none the less. The city was built on the inside of a sphere. Within it, and free from physical form and its associated frailties, the Bruwnan concentrated on the exploration of science and art.
That was more than half the age of the universe ago. All scientific notions and forms of art had been explored, abstracted, resurrected and recycled many times. There was nothing left to explore and complacency had descended on the Bruwnan. Valheel had lost is vibrancy, it was a city of immortals that felt dead.
Amantarra couldn't remember which came first, the sense of constriction that the city now gave her or the feeling that something was fundamentally wrong. It was when her father first voiced his concerns that people were disappearing that brought about the realisation that they were slowly and secretly being wiped out. Something had found a flaw in immortality.
Three hundred thousand years ago her sister had set out to do something about it. That was the last they'd heard from her. Now, after many years of experimentation, it was Amantarra's turn to pick up the gauntlet. Her first act of aggression buys the time she needs to create a weapon of unimaginable power. But despite her efforts to remain hidden, the fight follows Amantarra to Earth where it all starts to go horribly wrong.


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