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E.D. Wilbourn

Dee Dee Wilbourn Updated February 19, 2013


E.D. Wilbourn

Author Details

Pen Name
E.D. Wilbourn
Where I Live
Chandler, Arizona
Shout Out
Indie Book Authors---@Indiebookauthor
Indie Writer Network---@IndieAuthorNet

London seems the perfect place for college student, Deanna Darmody to escape her painful past. Eager to break free of her parent’s hold she enters a work study program in England. She is determined to become independent and intent on shedding the hurtful image of a shy, unpopular girl. 

Accompanied by her old high school friend and fellow student, Maggi Atwell, the two girls settle into a small flat in Kentish Town. It soon becomes apparent that they are polar opposites in every way as beautiful, gregarious Maggi quickly tires of Deanna’s reserved, bookish nature and their friendship begins to unravel. 

Eager to appease her old friend, Deanna reluctantly joins Maggi in her relentless hunt to track down the most shrill, uncouth rock bands London has to offer. Deanna believes life couldn't possibly get any worse but it does when flagrantly loud heavy metal band, Metal Urge, takes the stage and nearly blasts her right out of her chair. 

Haunted by the sheer force of the lead singer, Nigel Guilford's voice and his bad-boy leather look, Deanna can’t get him out of her mind. She is drawn to him like a moth drawn to a flame. When fate conspires to bring them together and their paths finally cross, they unwittingly trigger a chain of events that ends in unspeakable tragedy and alters their young lives forever.


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