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Simon David Okill

simon okill February 19, 2013



Book Listings

Fifteen 5* Ratings on Goodreads Two 5* Ratings on Amazon
Voted Best on Goodreads -
British Fantasy Author
Amazon Breakthrough Novels
Fantasy Creature Feature Books
Simon David Okill

Author Details

Pen Name
Simon Okill
Where I Live
S Wales UK
Shout Out
Seventeen 5* ratings between Amazon and Goodreads. Two 5* reviews on Amazon. Topped three Goodreads lists and am 17th in Humorous Paranormal Books up against the likes of Charlaine Harris.

Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe confounded our publisher. He had never read anything quite like it. The sophomoric gross out humor is splashed across every chapter as Duane desperately tries to keep his harem of Bigfoot babes a secret. Trouble is he's up against the FBI, the Sheriff and his best friend and crypto-zoologist, not to mention a very naughty bigfoot who just wants to have fun like her blond bigftoot babes. There's plenty of romance, ludicrous practical jokes and hidden messages to keep any reader wondering what the hell is going on.


Welcome to Big Beaver, home of the Phantom Bigfoot Bather and his many crazy friends. My Book Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe is a ludicrously different take on Bigfoot and his habits. It quickly dispels the Hollywood b-movie version of a cannibalistic female-ravaging monster. My tribe of Bigfoot are so peace-loving they sadly make easy targets for hunters.

This is where Duane-o the no-brain-o comes in. He has dedicated his life to protecting his Bigfoot and their sexy babes by dressing up as the Phantom Bigfoot to distract said hunters. Problem there is not getting shot. But each year Duane-o has to visit the Big Beaver's surgeon to remove yet another slug. Dumbass Duane-o is also the richest guy in Big Beaver and a bachelor which makes him a prime target for most of the women in town. Problem is Duane-o has no idea why women lust after him and he ain’t gonna find out either.

Things get real tricky for our hapless hero, Duane-o, when Olaaa, a pubescent female Bigfoot abducts Beau, the plumber’s seventeen year old son. The FBI are called in after two days of missing Beau, but most Beaverites still think he’s up to one of his Bigfoot abduction pranks.

Now poor old Duane-o has to keep the FBI and Sheriff Lou from discovering his secret. This he manages to accomplish by getting Sheriff Lou and Agent Willis back in the sack after 13 years miserably apart. It takes a while, but he gets there.

My book is a wild ride into the wilds of N California full of sex, beer, partyfests and Bigfoot. If you want to know how Bigfoot get married, what the jooobaaa is used for and the special significance of red berries then read Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe and laugh your socks off.



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