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Vickie Johnstone

Vickie Johnstone Updated November 21, 2013
Vickie Johnstone

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Where I Live
London, UK
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FB - Masterkoda
FB - Book Junkies
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I work as a freelance layout sub-editor on business magazines and editor/proofreader on books.


3 Heads & a Tail
Kiwi and the Missing Magic (book 2)
Life's Rhythms (haiku)
Kaleidoscope (poetry)
Kiwi's Christmas Tail (book 6)
Day of the Living Pizza (book 1)
Kiwi in the Realm of Ra (book 5)
Travelling Light
Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (book 4)
Kiwi and the Living Nightmare (book 3)
Day of the Pesky Shadow (book 2)

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