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Authors Directory Book BuzzBook Buzz January 21, 2015
Within your reach – A review of the book ‘Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People’
“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.” – Steve Maraboli

Author Sati Achath’s latest book ‘Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People: And How YOU Can Develop These 12 Qualities’ is an inspiring account by a successful individual himself, highlighting the twelve qualities found in highly successful people. Sati has taken a group of 130 individuals from across the globe, from the past and the present, from the living and the dead and from the famous and the not so famous to illustrate his point. You not only get to read the success stories of these individuals and the qualities they shared but also the author’s personal insight into these qualities at the beginning and end of each chapter. This book will transform the way you approach life and will get you on the right path to greatness.

Unlike other books on this topic which are often heavy on concept but light on its practicality, this book offers something different to its readers. Here an entire chapter's concepts are summarized in two sections. ‘Common traits’ at the beginning and ‘You too can develop’ at the end talk about the traits corresponding to each of the twelve qualities and how you can adopt them in your life as well. While reading this book it becomes pretty obvious that Sati Achath has taken great pains to ensure the book is reader friendly and highly approachable. And this is really helpful to the readers as they can re-read the book multiple times without the message or its delivery ever getting stale.

While you may or may not agree with the author’s choice of ‘successful’ people, you can’t help but notice the similarity in them, the unifying quality or drive to succeed that was present in all of them. The single common trait all these successful people shared was a dream, a vision they had of what they wanted to do, where they wanted to be. And the author’s highly inspiring and yet simple message talks about the same thing. Always have a dream and work hard towards it as if your life depended on it and success will follow.

The core message contained in the book may be already known to you, you may have heard it or read it before but where Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People varies is in its delivery. The book not only contains biographical summaries of some of the most important men and women of the past two centuries but reiterates the fact that even ordinary men can achieve success like these people.

I would recommend this book to all those people who think that the over-achievers of this world are a special breed and they succeed because they have luck on their side. It includes numerous stories of people born and brought up in really difficult conditions that turned their lives around by applying a few simple positive traits to their lives. After reading this book, it will be difficult not to get influenced by the various success stories and have the urge to try these ‘success’ qualities in your life as well.
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