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Authors Directory JuNe BJuNe B April 15, 2013
B4 The Dawn !!! Must Read!!!
I have had the honors in working with a man who's just about as hard as me lol..
His insight is actually right there going side by side with mine in this ride or die world.. As we all are seeking for the answers to a world of endless questions.. to only wind up back at point A each time we circle the notion of life.. It has been a privileged to be a friend of June Barefield..It has not been easy staying on one another's good side all the time.. but somehow something divine always brings us back together as supportive family ought to be.. I look at him as a big brother sometimes and see many of my own reflections within his pen.. He is a beast when he bleeds and he holds back nothing he has seen ... Straight forward cat in his gift.. Honored by me mostly for being a true G of the hardcore streets and rising above circumstances using his ink.. I commend my brother for such amazing feats . I will always support him as long as I have breath in me. I pray this book touches millions who may of walked down some of the same paths as he and I have... Our love is shared by many millions... as our blood shed was our witness... I can smell this mans hard earned blood sweat and tears when I read him... and sometimes even a fart or two but really... Good luck with your endeavors homie... I look forward in walking this green mile long side of you ~ One love always E... I mean cuntry :P
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