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Edward D. Webster
Edward D. Webster has had an eclectic mixture of careers, ranging from teaching Navajo students to managing transit operations. And he’s the author of a diverse collection of books. Webster admits to a fascination with unique, quirky and bizarre human behavior, and he doesn’t exempt himself from the mix. His...
Chris Hakim
A longtime student of Love and of Buddhism, Chris Hakim has lived in seven countries on three continents and stopped at Mountain View, California for longer than usual. He is a self-taught electronics engineer and holds the degree of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the co-author of...
Author Shot.jpg Prepublished Author
After more than 25 years as a freelance journalist and editor, I decided I wanted to write fiction. I wanted to write the kind of books I enjoy reading – horror and mystery/suspense thrillers. I have a huge pile of unread books and a large notebook full of ideas for...
Tara C. Allred
TARA C. ALLRED is an award-winning author, instructional designer, and educator. She has been recognized as a California Scholar of the Arts for Creative Writing and is a recipient of the Howey awards for Best Adult Book and Best Adult Author. She lives in Utah with her husband. ...
Debra Shiveley Welch
Multi Award Winner Debra Shiveley Welch was born in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in Westerville with her husband Mark and son Christopher. A multi generational poet, Ms. Welch is the author of nine books and also writes essays, short stories and poetry.
Brooklyn Ann
Formerly an auto-mechanic, Brooklyn Ann thrives on writing romance featuring unconventional heroines and heroes who adore them. Author of historical paranormal romance in her critically acclaimed “Scandals with Bite” series, urban fantasy in the cult favorite, “Brides of Prophecy” novels, and the New Adult winner of the 2016 Reader’s Choice...
J. Everett Prewitt
J. Everett Prewitt is a Vietnam veteran and a former Army officer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, and a Master of Science Degree in Urban Studies from Cleveland State University. Prewitt was awarded the title of distinguished alumni at both schools. ...
Violeta Matijevic
Violeta M Bagia is a writer from Australia and has been roaming the streets of Melbourne since immigrating from former Yugoslavia in 1996. She's is signed by Solstice Publishing in the United States of America.
John L. DeBoer
As the NSA gets a strong lead on one of the most prominent faces of ISIS, the Islamic State embarks on a bold course of action--an attack on American soil. Former Navy SEAL Adam Taylor, on a break between assignments for a global paramilitary security firm, is...
Nancy Curteman, Travel Mystery Author
I love to travel and I love to read mystery novels. So of course I choose to write travel mysteries.
Stephen Makk
Tales from out there on the edge
Davide Mana
Born in Turin, Italy, 1967, Davide Mana studied science in Turin, London and Bonn; he holds a PhD in Geology and served his country playing Dungeons & Dragons in the Air Force. Through the years Davide has been a call center operator, language teacher, scarecrow,...
Davide Mana Featured New
T. S. Fox
Author & Artist T. S. Fox
Nadia Cherubin
I'm a published author of urban fiction novels and have been writing for ten years. I'm now working on a new novel based on finances.
Roland Hopkins II
Roland (Rolly) Hopkins is a successful newspaper publisher whose background (way back) included Lay preaching, and he came very close to becoming a fulltime minister. Instead, he spent five years as a radio disc jockey, successfully feeding and clothing a wife and three children. Fun, fun, fun. Much more...
Sadie K. Frazier
Sadie K. Frazier is a multi-genre writer and first became published in the horror genre. ​ Her true talent and inspiration lies within the fantasy realm. ​ Her debut, The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls earned her 3rd place in the Preditor’s and Editor’s...
Stephen St. Clair
Stephen St. Clair is a published author of one adventurous fantasy called Tales from the Wondrous Attic, which won him a spot in the top ten finishers in the Preditors and Editors Poll. Also, newly released is his first ever Adult Scottish Historical Romance- Kindred Souls: Voyage of the Scotsmen....
Margaret Egrot
I have had two YA novels published by Solstice Publishing, and several short stories for adults and YA in anthologies or as stand alone ebooks. All are available from Amazon Books.
SC Alban
S.C. Alban was born and raised in Northern California. After graduating from San Francisco State University, where she majored in English literature, S.C. traveled for a year. She ultimately moved back to Northern California In 2014, Solstice Publishing released her debut novel, A Life Without Living, Book One in The...
Jacqueline T moore
Welcome, pleased to meet you. My southern-based sweet reads (with a bit of salty mixed in) are just right to read and then give to a friend. I love dressing as Missus Myra Gallaway, our wonderful widow, and entertaining readers at signings and theatrical appearances. Bless your heart, you surely...
5496 results - showing 1 - 20  
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