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Trisha A Lindsey
Hi there, I'm Trisha A. Lindsey aka Ronin Schtihl Daire, I speak my books into being with speech to text software, modern technology has freed my muse! It takes a lot of time for me to craft my books. As such, Books 1-9 in the Josef...
Valerie Lynn
Valerie Lynn is from a small beautiful area in Collierville, Tennessee, which is a few miles from the great city of Memphis Tennessee. She enjoys writing poetry, spiritual creativity, and discovering positive platforms for others to be their true self. She has a profound belief; we were all created...
Alexi Ferreira
Alexi Ferreira, loves the idea of Alpha Men who take charge are possessive and care for their woman. She creates books that take you on an emotional journey whether tears, laughter or just steamy hotness. She loves to connect with readers and interacting with them through social media or...
L.M.Giannone is a writer, poet, and author based in San Francisco, CA.
Shirani Rajapakse
"Chant of a Million Women" a poetry collection was just published. My short story collection 'Breaking News" was published in 2011. I hope to re-publish this as an ebook later in the year.
Adele Marie Park
Edra; a world where magic flourishes and where dark secrets are concealed by those who rule. Secrets which can get the innocent killed without a thought. When the body of an elf is discovered in a treacherous area of the city, Wisp a young Law...
smaller colleen aug17.jpg
Colleen M. Chesebro is a writer of cross-genre fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Her debut novel, a YA fantasy series called, “The Heart Stone Chronicles - The Swamp Fairy,” was published January 2017. The book reveals the story of Abby Forrester, a 14-year-old orphaned girl who is entrusted with saving...
M J Mallon
I am a debut author who has been blogging for three years: My interests include writing, photography, poetry, and alternative therapies. I write Fantasy YA, and middle grade fiction as well as micropoetry - haiku and tanka. I love to read and have written over 100 reviews:
Larry Broutman
Celebrated photographer and author Larry Broutman has traveled the world over to capture the perfect photograph and has found his hometown of Chicago to have a plethora of visual inspiration. Broutman's books include "Chicago Monumental," "Chicago Unleashed," and "Chicago Eternal." His photography projects include work with Lincoln Park Zoo,...
S.R. Mitchell
I write stories to capture you heart and soul...
Michael Eging
Mike has wanted to write since he was very young. His earliest memories are of carrying a battered old notebook around full of illustrations and stories. He would often transpose those ideas on his grandmother's old typewriter. While in college, he was inspired by professors and visiting...
Angie Grimes.jpg Prepublished Author
I'm a Spiritual activist providing Inspiration, Knowledge, and Motivation. Teaching you to look within and awaken – guiding you to use practical techniques to reactivate understanding and spiritual connection, so that you can begin masterfully building the life of your desires. #MuseMaven
Aurora Lee Thornton
Aurora Thornton doesn't like author bios because she feels they give out too much information. What she does like are books. She's been reading since kindergarten, her first novel being Julie of the Wolves. And since then she just hasn't...
Bernard Jan
"There is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it." - Bernard Jan Bernard Jan is an author – a novelist and a poet – from Croatia, seeking representation of a literary agent for his work translated into English. ...
Scerina Elizabeth
Scerina Elizabeth is a North American of Jamaican descent who lives in the New England region of the United States of America. She is a new, up and coming author who enjoys writing Paranormal Romance and Paranormal Erotica stories as well as Poetry. She also enjoys reading Paranormal Romance &...
Joshua Krook
Joshua Krook is a researcher, writer and public speaker interested in the humanities, legal education and employment policies. His writing has been featured on ABC News (Opinion & Analysis), The Conversation, Business Insider, World Economic Forum, World University News and Overland. He has appeared as a...
Lee Schultheiss
LEE SCHULTHEISS lives in mid-Michigan with his wife and son. He can be contacted through, or via Goodreads, Twitter, or Pinterest.
1UniqueWriter is a poet and motivational writer. She achieved a Master of Science Degree in Human Services due to her love for people and desire to help others to overcome struggles. She writes to encourage and remind others that just because something isn't easy, doesn't mean...
Langley Shazor
Langley was raised in Bristol, VA; after several years of living and serving in Abingdon, VA, he has come back to his roots. Langley is an advocate for performing arts, education, community involvement, and sustainable economic development. Before joining Bristol Virginia Public Schools, he worked as a process engineer, specializing...
Karen L Redmond
I dearly love writing for children, teens and young adults. I write to send a message to today’s youth that kindness, acceptance, and understanding are far more powerful coping tools than anger, judgment, and resentment. I embed this logic in action-packed adventures that keep young readers turning the...
5692 results - showing 81 - 100  
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