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Prepublished Authors

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Amy J. Fillmore Prepublished Author
My name is Amy J. Fillmore and I am the author of the book “How to eat Pussy like a Rockstar!”. I was born in a small town in Denmark and moved to the wonderful city of Copenhagen when I turned 18. Living there inspired...
Angie Grimes.jpg Prepublished Author
I'm a Spiritual activist providing Inspiration, Knowledge, and Motivation. Teaching you to look within and awaken – guiding you to use practical techniques to reactivate understanding and spiritual connection, so that you can begin masterfully building the life of your desires. #MuseMaven
Author Shot.jpg Prepublished Author
After more than 25 years as a freelance journalist and editor, I decided I wanted to write fiction. I wanted to write the kind of books I enjoy reading – horror and mystery/suspense thrillers. I have a huge pile of unread books and a large notebook full of ideas for...
Alexa Purple Prepublished Author
I'm an avid reader and writer of erotica.
M.L. Kacy Prepublished Author
I have been involved in the indie community for a number of years and have always loved how everyone comes together in support of each other. I love writing and reading, living life with my family, and always coming up with new ideas and putting then in to...
Delfin Espinosa Prepublished Author
Delfin Espinosa has been writing poetry from an early age. He grew up in a small town in West Texas. His father worked on a ranch and that is where Delfin spent his high school summers working with his dad and older brother. Delfin has always loved the outdoors and...
Canticle Reflections Prepublished Author
Canticle Reflections " is a series of meditations or reflections that take the reader through a thought provoking and reflective journey through the canticles of the Bible. If you are looking for a meaningful, soulful and introspective book, that gives "flesh to the words ", then this is your...
Roger Ellman Prepublished Author
Actions, Abilities, Attributions Expert Generalist – HiTech-HiArt-HiEnthusiasm–Management and Business Creation >>Capabilities – at your service: [] ContentCreation – writer -Volumes of website writings [] Paintings – brilliant colours (colors!) [] Writing, copy-writing and website content creator ...
Lisa kulow Prepublished Author
An interesting and sexy twist on what might have happened in Atlantis. What if the stories aren't completely true? Maybe the royal family were shape shifters and did not disappear at all. Just went some place different? This tale of destruction , loss and love found makes for an...
Jacqueline Driggers Prepublished Author
I started on this writing journey back in high school, in the late 70s. But now I'm pursuing publishing a book. Currently I'm writing my first book, in between the busyness of life. Visit me on facebook to find out more.
Jim Patton Prepublished Author
I will add this later.
Glenn Spillman Prepublished Author
Spiritual journey
Lesism.png Prepublished Author
"The greatest dreams are achieved with open eyes and a conscious mind." - Writer. Thinker. Imagineer. #CrazyCatMan
Dominique Goodall Prepublished Author
Aspiring author
Paxton Helling Prepublished Author
Aspiring author
Amanda Faith Prepublished Author
16 results - showing 1 - 16