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R K Patel
If I don’t get married, if I don’t have children, is that it? Is my life over? Will I never have happiness? What if I don’t want that life? What if I’ve tried to find love and failed every time? What if it takes me longer to find the right...
Shannon Benish
How To Help Someone With Cancer
Mackenzie Flohr
Mackenzie Flohr grew up in the heartland of America, chasing leprechauns and rainbows and dreaming of angels. Her parents nurtured a love of fantasy and make-believe by introducing her at a very young age to the artistic and cultural opportunities that the city of Cleveland had to offer. ...
Kerry Reis
In Kerry Reis' debut novel "Legacy Discovered", a woman learns her husband is not the man she married. Instead of an orphaned foster child like herself, he is the scion of a billionaire. In order to avoid a family legacy, he faked his own death. ...
Jill Cox Vogt
Thank you to all my readers and reviewers.
J. I. Rogers
I'm a green-eyed, ginger-haired, caffeine addict who is currently working on 'The 942 Series'. The plan is to publish, then adapt the series into graphic novels. Book one, 'The Korpes File' was published in March and book two, 'The Interview', is due out later this year ...
J.A. Kalis
Travelling, learning new languages and cultures are my passions. Those passions and my love of adventure are the key elements that inspire me to write my novels which I publish under a pen name J.A. Kalis.
Julia Mills
I am a sarcastic,sometimes foul-mouthed, not afraid to drink a beer, always southern woman with 2 of the most amazing teenage daughters, a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the stories running through her brain. I read my first...
Rhonda Patton
From issues of bullying, learning, chasing dreams, learning you don't always have to win to be a winner, The Croak 500 by Rhonda Patton and Chester McDaniel are a husband wife team. Facing bullying challenges when they were young and now with their daughter in her teens, they have experience...
Tony Levy
This is my first every book to be published. A chance meeting on holiday in Majorca changed my life forever and launched me into a 25 year career in a job that I never would have considered previously: working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service. This book catalogues my personal experiences...
10 results - showing 1 - 10