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Music Monday: Bryan Ferry

Tonight, I am going to see one of my long-time favorite vocalists, Bryan Ferry, in concert for the fifth time.  This will make the fourth solo concert, in addition to the Roxy Music reunion tour.  I am grateful for every single one of these opportunities. I had a hard time picking out just one song to share.  So, I decided to choose one from Ferry’s solo career (a difficult task in and of itself) and one from his days with Roxy Music.  Please enjoy “Slave to Love,” from the solo album Boys and Girls, and “More Than This,” from Roxy Music’s final album, Avalon. Original link

Should I forge my way to the other side?

It was well past midnight when I left. From time to time, an Allied plane would stick its nose in-between the moonlit clouds. Then, in a quick turn, it would rise again, allowing itself to be swallowed into a dark recess. Its engine would drone on for a while, until it would be drowned out by enemy fire. German Oerlikons—large, rapid-fire projectile weapons—would blast one round of shells after another at the night sky. Despite the noise, the place seemed as if everyone was asleep. Not a soul stirred, inside or out. I tried to convince myself that no one had noticed me, no one had seen me coming out of the building. I stopped for a breath under the monumental portico, then went down the stai...
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Jerry Lewis, 1926-2017

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Other people’s pulps: Adèle Blanc-Sec

I knew about Adèle well before I saw the movie. The Jacques Tardi series of comics called The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec had been one of the many I had discovered when, in my early years as a university student, I used to spend a lot of time in the bookstores scattered in the center of town. With its rough, sometimes unpleasant style and its alternating light and dark plots, the series about an early 20th century adventure fiction writer and adventuress featured dinosaurs, Egyptian mysteries, strange conspiracies and retro-technology. It was great fun, winking and gently mocking a lot of classics, from Verne to Conan Doyle to Leblanc. And yet, when finally the Adèle Blanc-Se...
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What a gorgeous story

Once a Liberal Arts major in French Literature,  J.A. Schneider , a former staffer at Newsweek, brings aspects of her fascination with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology into her gripping thrillers. I am thrilled that she read my WWII spy thriller, Marriage before Death ,  and posted this review: 5.0 out of 5 stars What a gorgeous story By J.A. Schneider, author of suspense and psychological thrillers on August 19, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase I would follow Uvi Poznansky anywhere, and, joy! Now she's written a World War II thriller intertwined with an unusual, powerful love story. Marriage Before Death is the fifth in the author's Still Life with Memories se...
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The 6 Most Common Writing Mistakes that are Missed When Editing

It’s always nice to be reminded of this information. Kobo Writing Life By Freddie Tubbs Grammar and punctuation can be tricky subjects to master, even for the most experienced writers and editors. But they can make a huge difference in the impact your writing has and the authority you demand. If you’re highly knowledgeable about a topic, but the grammar is not spot-on, your credibility on the subject can suffer overall. Ensure you aren’t making these common writing mistakes by keeping a close eye out for them while editing. Incorrect prepositions Prepositions are those words used to describe the relationship between two words in a sentence, and they often confuse writers and editors. To the ...
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He needs a lawyer. She's the best one in town. ONE SHINGLE TO HANG DeAnn Smallwood #amreading #western, #cowboy #romance

TODAY'S REVOLVING BOOK is the western historical romance ONE SHINGLE TO HANG by DeANN SMALLWOOD. WHAT IT'S ABOUT: (SCROLL DOWN TO READ AN EXCERPT) A woman with too much knowledge was at risk for insanity. Their fragile mind couldn’t handle it. That’s what Lil had been told when she went against convention and became an attorney. The 1800’s had fewer women lawyers than women doctors. Her pride knew no bounds when she hung her shingle—L.M. Wentfield, Attorney At Law. Drew was a struggling cattle rancher, building a fledging Hereford empire. He was working toward that goal when he was accused of rustling and faced possible hanging. He needed a lawyer—a good one—a man. Che...
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Alfonso Azpiri, 1947-2017

Spanish comic artist and illustrator Alfonso Azpiri passed away a few hours ago. Azpiri was one of the many graphic artists whose works I cherished. Wikipedia classifies him in the “adult oriented” field, but his stories, that ranged from science fiction to horror, while often incredibly racy, were also a fun mix of caricature and satire, and his pneumatic, big-haired trademark female characters were both sexy and absurd, sultry and silly. With the character of Lorna, he created a silly, naughty mix of Star Wars and Barbarella. Here is a small gallery of his works, in memoriam. And yes, depending on where you are, some of this might be considered NSFW.   Original link

Interlude: Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

I've never been one that's really into historical fiction. I've read it, I've enjoyed it, but I don't actively seek it out. That being said, I was fairly excited to read this book. Something about the premise appealed to me, and as I started reading it, it didn't disappoint.  War torn Siagon, music, drugs, it's all there. I loved the dark beauty of this story.  Like a flower that blooms in the dust, it was just lovely.  The romance of the war coupled with the drama, and the love story that she finds herself in the middle of really kept me reading. There's more to this story than romance. There's  some awful things that are addressed in this book, which unfortunatly are just the reality of th...
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Do We Need to Redefine Humanity?

  Community Friday: Inspiration for All Week Upon looking up the word, humanity, the thesaurus lists words such as humankind, kindness, and civilization.  But our recent news has me wondering if it’s time to redefine humanity, and redirect the word ‘mankind.’   Humanity refers to all people.  If women were to have any say, they would demonstrate inclusiveness by replacing ‘mankind’ with ‘people-kind.’ It  is most notable that actions of late delete the latter part of the word ‘kind.’ The combination of kindness, respect, and help toward all, has unfortunately disappeared. It is said that ‘man’ evolved from the apes; today the theory is more plausible than ever.  If women were to have any say...
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Music to write to: Tokyo Rose

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Weekend Reads: “Meddling Kids”

Meddling Kids
Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero My rating: 5 of 5 stars When I first heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. I have been a fan of Scooby-Doo and his gang of teenage detectives since I was a little kid. This book brings forth the concept of a teenage detective gang all grown up — with the accompanying challenges, including mental illness — and the third generation of their beloved dog realizing they sent the wrong man to jail on a case. Meddling Kids is Scooby Doo meets Cthulu, with references to Arkham and Miskatonic thrown in as Easter eggs. The gang of teens – Andrea (who prefers to be called Andy), Kelli, and Nate — decide to go back to their home town of Blyton Hills to see if the...
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She lied to protect herself. Can she trust him with the truth? UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE by DeAnn Smallwood #amreading #western, #romance, #cowboy

UnconquerableCallie_850 (1)(8)
Today's REVOLVING BOOK is the historical romance UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE by DeANN SMALLWOOD. Sometimes a lie can lead to love. SYNOPSIS: Callie Collins, a proud woman in the late 1800’s, is a liar and a darned good one, a master of the dubious art. She is also a dreamer. Her greatest hope is to reach a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming, where she can open a bakery and live an independent life. To be successful, she will need her greatest deception to date, a mythical fiancé who waits at the end of the line. As a woman alone, she has to prove to Seth McCallister, ...
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Register for Free: The Tudor Summit on 3rd and 4th September

The Tudor Summit will be hosted on 3rd and 4th September, and you are all invited to attend from the comfort of your own home! This two day online event brings together Tudor history enthusiasts from all over the world to connect with each other, and listen to interviews and lectures from some of the leading Tudor History historians, bloggers, and podcasters. With lecture topics ranging from Tudor portraiture, fashion, and music; to Henry's wives, and Mary's relationships with them, we have a jam packed, and engaging agenda! The event will be broadcast live on September 3 and 4, starting at 4pm UK time, and registration is free to attend live! A list of historians and authors currently signe...
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Regency Romance with SCANDAL'S CHILD by Pamela Gibson

SCANDAL'S CHILD by Pamela Gibson Genre: Regency Romance Miranda Comstock, widowed and impoverished, accepts a position in London caring for a child who was blinded in a fire. When she discovers the child’s mysterious guardian is the lover who seduced and abandoned her five years earlier, her first thought is to flee. But nine-year-old Phoebe depends on her and is blossoming under her care. Jeremy Montague returns from Jamaica to take up his duties as the new Earl of Longley and is shocked to find his former lover is his ward’s nurse. Believing she played him for a fool, he vows to remove her from his household, especially when his traitorous body begins to remember the passion they shared. B...
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Getting personal with Kevin J. Kennedy

You will never meet a more hard-working and passionate man about his writing than Kevin J. Kennedy. He is a joy to talk to and an amazing writer and publisher. His anthologies are some of the best I have read and so amazing to see. If you have never had the opportunity to read one then you truly are missing out. Kevin J. Kennedy is pretty quiet until you get to know him then you get to see his personality and creative side burst open. He is one of the authors I would love meet and sit and talk with for hours. His living in Scotland doesn’t hurt matters either as I have always wanted to go there to visit. If you don’t know him or haven’t read any of his books this is your chance to correct th...
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August reading

I spent most of the last two weeks reading instead of writing. Granted, three books of mine came out in the last four weeks, so I can’t really complain, but I know there will be hell to pay to hit deadlines and be good. And yet, right now fatigue both physical and mental was such that I needed to stop and recharge my batteries. I’ve found out I slowed down somewhat, and gone are the summers in which I’d read three or four novels per week. But it’s not a race, so it’s OK. My friend Claire over at Scribblings did a post on her reading week, and I thought, why not? A simple list of what I’ve been reading recently. Just for fun. First, the re-reads. In August I re-read Rafael Sabatini’s Scaramou...
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Are You Setting Enough Good Boundaries?

  Attract the Right Job or Clientele As children, we are taught boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not. We learn to accept the do’s and don’ts set by others. However, it is an unknown why most are afraid to speak up when their boundaries are over-stepped. The give and take of giving and accepting of rules and procedures apply to every type of arrangement. Speak up or give up ~ the choice is in your hands. My Story One of the many reasons I advocate research of companies and people before any meeting is to recognize whether working with them will potentially be a good fit. Otherwise, your time in meetings will be a wasted effort; even worse is the aggravation that may set in. List ...
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Special Guest Post by Dave Chesson: Book Copyright - A Matter Of Life And Death?

Book Copyright - A Matter Of Life And Death? Just as those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it, writers who don’t learn from the mistakes of others are doomed to repeat them. One of the most valuable sources of information when I started out writing was the advice and ideas of others writers. Whether in-person or online, I gladly sought lessons to inform my own writing career. Naturally, I still made my fair share of mistakes along the way. One of the most serious was failing to understand the importance of copyright. Whereas most writing mistakes are a matter of style and technique, copyright is something with potentially serious financial implications. We’ll now explore a brief...
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She had the courage to love him. WYOMING HEATHER by DeAnn Smallwood #western #cowboy #romance

Final Wyoming Heather 72 dpi - Copy
Today's Revolving Book is the historical romance WYOMING HEATHER by DeANN SMALLWOOD.  GET IT ON  AMAZON. ABOUT THE STORY: He rode alone coming back after five years to an empty cabin, a run-down ranch, and a grave on a hill. A former Texas Ranger burnt out on life and afraid to love. Whip had spent five years hunting the man that took his wife’s life and left him to die. Heather is a spirited, independent woman living alone on a ranch left to her by her parents. A woman doing a man’s work running a ranch that everyone said couldn’t be done, not in this untamed, vastly unsettled land, in the mid-1800’s. Not only was Heather doing it, but she was doing it well. The ran...
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