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New Covers and New Gallery

Originally posted on Melchelle Designs : There are plenty of new premade covers to check out in all our Premade Book Cover galleries. We’ve also added a NEW gallery: Premade Series Covers We hope you enjoy! • • • *NEW* General & Romance Fiction Premades • • • *NEW* Fantasy Premades • • • *NEW* Science… Original link

Other people’s pulps: Roco Vargas

I mentioned The Adventures of Roco Vargas as one of my influences in a post back in 2013, a post I closed saying I’d have to write something about the series. Well, better late than never, right? Spanish comic book artist Daniel Torres started writing Roco Vargas in 1983. A specialist in “retrofuturist” settings and stories, Torres referenced streamlined design, Bell Geddes architecture and 1940s-1950s style in his stories. Roco Vargas, the star of the eponymous series, is a science fiction writer, night-club owner, former space pilot and ladies’ man based in the city of Puerto Bahia. Modeled on classic pulp adventurers, Vargas has a mysterious past, snippets of which we discover throughout ...
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The Lost Macaw Snippet

I am working on the next novella in the Lost and Found Pets series. It is called The Lost Macaw. Here's another snippet: There was a large Oak tree near the back fence. The treehouse wasn’t much more than a few pieces of plywood with a rope ladder, but it looked sturdy enough. I smiled when I saw it. I had always wanted a treehouse. We had never had a house when I lived with my mother, and when I came to live with Nora, I was too old for one. The McMillan’s treehouse looked like fun. “Cool,” I said to Anna. She grinned. I grinned back. “Can you show me how you saw him?” I followed Anna up the ladder. There wasn’t room for both of us so I stood at the top of the ladder and looked around. Anna...
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Proud to be Canadian

On July 1, 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th Birthday!  I remember vividly celebrating Canada’s 100th Birthday in 1967.  My class along with many others had been invited to sing in front of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, B.C., and the … Continue reading → Original link


Database in the cloud
Marooned in a database for life. Parts of me spread throughout cyberspace. I want them back. Life was good when nobody knew anything about me… They couldn’t Google my name before they met me. They couldn’t look at my Facebook history and make assumptions. I want my privacy back. I am not a terrorist. I am a nobody of bits in a computer cloud. My opinions are deduced from data. I am polled without a say. I used to go out and play, but time is so precious as laptop and phone devour my day. I am too reachable by digital distraction that the kayak no longer gets wet. Sports are on big TVs with the refrigerator close by. There are commercials for everything I want. How did they know that? Who are...
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Flash Fiction – The Divine Darkness

The Haunted Pen - The Divine Darkness
The basis of this piece of speculative fiction is a section of text I originally wrote for my short story entitled “Killed By Death.” Reading through the finished first draft, it didn’t really fit into the story but was something I could work on again in the future. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently researching a long-term writing project but also missed the writing process and producing something new. I took the 400 or so words and developed them into “The Divine Darkness.” The antagonist is a fictional demonic entity named “Cizasias.” I hope to develop this character and story further in the future. Anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog posts (or who knows me) will know I’m a bi...
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Dreaming at Seaside by Addison Cole--the Sweet Edition of New York Times Bestselling Author Melissa Foster's Steamy Romance Seaside Dreams--Same Stories and Characters, with All the Passion You Expect Between Two People in Love--Without Any Explicit Scenes or Harsh Language.

DREAMING AT SEASIDE Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers Book 2 by Addison Cole Genre: Sweet with Heat Standalone Romance Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you'll be begging to enter their circle of friends! Dreaming at Seaside is the sweet edition of New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster's steamy romance novel Seaside Dreams. The stories and characters remain the same, and convey all of the passion you expect between two people in love, without any explicit scenes or harsh language. In DREAMING at SEASIDE... Bella Abbascia has retur...
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HE TAKES THE CAKE by J. Lynn Rowan - $20 GC Giveaway

BLURB: Life is good for Tess Gardiner: Her Savannah, Georgia, bakery and cafe is thriving. She’s earned Master Pastry Chef status from the American Culinary Federation. And she’s attending a regional culinary convention in Charleston, where she’s been invited to sit on a small business panel discussion. The opportunity to tout her success will, hopefully, lead to bigger and better things in her professional life. As for her personal life? The relative contentedness she’s enjoyed for years receives a sudden jolt when she comes face to face with Tyler Brinks, the ex-boyfriend she summarily dismissed from her life eight years ago. Tyler’s success as a highly-trained chef has launched him into t...
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Are You Asking Questions that Promote Results?

  Attract the Right Job or Clientele: A new collaborative effort can be tricky, particularly when issues arise.  Asking sensitive questions becomes a necessity. Unaccustomed to the other person’s thinking, diplomacy is paramount. My Story Everything was going well on a project until a long-time friend began to question the thinking of a third party. You can guess what occurred next; the doubt and concern led to a downward spiral. Thankfully, I gave up the negativity to ask the hard questions. I asked questions in the form of ‘When, How, and Goals’. Most people ignore the questions about goals but are necessary to fully inform those contributing to the effort. Before any project begins, I alw...
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Raygun Gothic

So, I did a piece about Raygun Gothic for my Italian blog – why not do another here for Karavansara? Now, I am not too hot on tags and labels and subgenres. All the various “-punks” that came after cyberpunk – steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk … OK, they can make itr easier to find a book on a shelf, and make for great parlor games, but obsessing about such stuff is dangerous. So, if dieselpunk is just pulp misspelled, then raygun gothic is basically atompunk without the rust. It’s the sort of optimistic, positivistic atom-age imagination of the future – a future in which maybe B.E.M.s raid our planet to kidnap our women, but still we’ve got rayguns and jetpacks and fishbowl helmets, and we ca...
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A Hot Summer Read--RUNNING HOT by J.L. Sheppard

RUNNING HOT Hell Ryders MC #2 by J.L. Sheppard Genre: MC Romance Thomas “Cuss” Layne has never wanted for anything, except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago. But she’s a rich girl, and he’s a biker. For years, he hasn’t had a glimpse of her. Still, he's never been able to get her out of his mind. When her life’s in danger, he rides to her rescue once again. This time, he’s determined to do what he should’ve done long ago—make her his, in every possible way. Tiffany Hamilton has never gotten over the bad boy with the sapphire eyes and midnight hair, the boy who once saved her. She wants him—a touch, a taste—but he’s never wanted anything to do with her. It’s past time to move on. When t...
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Live & Learn A Nigerian man holds his baby on their way to Italy after being rescued by the Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms on the Mediterranean Sea. The organization on Thursday rescued more than 600 migrants who were attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in packed boats from Libya. (Emilio Morenatti, AP,, June 16, 2017 ) View original post Original link


Since I retired, back in May, I have well and truly abdicated as the queen of procrastination. Since the day after I retired, I have written every day! Yes, you heard me – every day!  What brought about this startling transformation? Peace and quiet and the ability to organise my day as I see fit. I still wake […] Original link

Get Your Geek On: Doctoral Focus

Doctoral Focus written by Tracy Wilson This posting will discuss why I enrolled in the Ph.D. program for Educational Psychology, what I am trying to become, and how I will accomplish my objective. Why are You Here? I have always been fascinated by human behavior.  I worked in the field of child welfare from 2005 until 2014.  My specialty was interviewing sexual abuse survivors and preparing them for court.  I also served as a mentor to new employees.  Due to the nature of my career, I enrolled at the University of North Dakota’s (UND) online Forensic Psychology Masters program in 2009 and graduated in 2011.  I was promoted to the director of the department and I thought that my graduate stud...
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Cambio Springs Mysteries

I just finished reading the first three books in Elizabeth Hunter’s Cambio Springs series. Very enjoyable. A little bit of paranormal mixed into the romantic mysteries. Here is the link if you are looking something fun to read: . Original link

Lessons in Storytelling From a Musical Theater Nerd

I’ve loved both performing in and attending live theatre performances for years. I hadn’t considered the great lessons that authors could take from the theatre before — but this writer is correct! A Writer's Path by Cristina Fernandez I am a huge musical theater nerd. It’s something that’s been a part of my life since I was two years old and Grease was my favorite movie. However only recently have I become aware of the part of me that is absolute trash when it comes to Broadway shows. Over the past year I’ve only seen three professional productions: Something Rotten, Fun Home, and Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. I was in a school production of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling B...
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The Personal Rejection: Backhanded Compliment of Publishing

While I freely admit to spending far too much time to pouting over the very detailed rejection letter I got for my first novel, I eventually took a look at it again. I knew I wasn’t going to resubmit to that publisher, so I read the advice with a more open, less angry mind. There were some criticisms with which I wholeheartedly disagreed (e.g., they wanted me to change it from first person narration to third person — and that wasn’t right for the story), but others I could take on board. So, I made the changes that made sense and went back to the drawing board. That led to that same book being traditionally published in both the US and the UK. The rights on that book, “In The Eye of The Beho...
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‘Paris’ by Edward Rutherfurd

City of love. City of splendour. City of terror. City of dreams. Inspired by the haunting, passionate story of the city of lights, this epic novel weaves a gripping tale of four families across the centuries: from the lies that spawn the noble line of de Cygne to the revolutionary Le Sourds who seek their destruction; from the Blanchards whose bourgeois respectability offers scant protection against scandal to the hard-working Gascons and their soaring ambitions. Over hundreds of years, these four families are bound by forbidden loves and marriages of convenience; dogged by vengeance and murderous secrets; torn apart by the irreconcilable differences of birth and faith, and brought together ...
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What to Do With Unknown Situations

The other day my husband and I pulled into our driveway and there was a skunk on our lawn. In broad daylight. I don’t know much about skunks but apparently, they don’t like light. So what was this skunk doing on our lawn?   It appeared to be digging at first and my husband was […] Original link

The Frog and the Granite Shore

Writers Envy I walked through a wood one late summer’s day, Afternoon light dappled a forest glade; Lily pad in green-black pond and on it lay A frog whose languid croak appeared to say, As he scratched white belly in sun’s warm ray, I shall not move on this late summer’s day. I stopped to ponder my neighbor in green, Who, eyes near closed in dreamlike sheen, Lay ankles crossed and head on arm a’lean; He snorted half asleep in his pastoral scene, Then snapped half-hearted at black fly on wing; I chuckled then and left my neighbor in green. Away the wood, I walked upon granite shore, Pounding waves, like knuckles rapped upon a door; A lobster boat, weatherworn in wind that tore, And red-faced...
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