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HOT BOOK REVIEW: Bright Star, Night Star- Great for the kids ★★★★★
Teresa NoelTeresa Noel |  January 17, 2018 | Breaking News
This book is great on a couple of levels. First of all it is written in rhyme. Small kid love rhyming books, at least mine do. The book is written about stars which is something that can be seen by everyone, so it makes it real for the kids, my kids tend to like stories that have an actual real subject to them. This book would make a great bedtime story for the kids, the stars come out at night, Right? The book features a few tips, like how to find the North Star. The books does not actually feature certain stars and give a scientific history so to speak of it but instead it is more like a bunch of describing words about stars in general. Some of the words are quite large and would not be good for smaller children to try and read themselves,...

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Sharon E. Cathcart
29 November 2017
Author Musings & News
Hi, everyone.  I have chosen to cancel my appearance at Clockwork Alchemy 2018.  I apologize for any inconvenience and/or disappointment that this may cause.  Thank you for understanding. Original lin...

Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan   January 17, 2013  
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Estelle Ryan

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Where I Live

Estelle Ryan was born in South Africa and spent her childhood being surrounded by African beauty, nature and diversity of cultures.


Estelle Ryan
Estelle Ryan

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