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The Boy in the Black Coat

Marsh Myers Updated
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The Boy in the Black Coat

Book information

Full Title
Dark and Fevered Dreams, Volume 1: The Boy in the Black Coat
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Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Other Contributors
Marsh Myers, Illstrator
The Boy in the Black Coat

Book Description

Zac Dryden is a titan among teenagers. Popular, handsome and privileged, he leads a life as charming and tranquil as the tiny Pacific Northwest town he calls home. But the start of a new school year always brings surprises - and the biggest is a transplanted student named John Gervais whose anti-social behavior is as ominous as the bulky black coat he never seems to remove. Strangely fascinated, Zac struggles to befriend John despite mounting clues that there is something potentially dangerous about the newcomer. Zac's life - and his world - will never be the same. Dark and Fevered Dreams is a serialized storytelling experience which combines illustrated novelettes with interactive online materials. Join the adventure online at

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