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Peninsular Spy

N J Slater Updated
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Peninsular Spy

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Full Title
Peninsular Spy
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

In the final few months of 1808, Napoleon's efforts to subjugate Europe by military might and political guile continue unabated. His armies have conquered Portugal and Spain and now an under-resourced British army under General Moore is floundering in its attempts to throw them out.
Archie Dexter is an undercover agent working for a shadowy section of the Aliens Office. Tasked with countering the many plots and schemes of Napoleon's vast network of spies and agents, the men of the Aliens Office operate wherever the threat is greatest, from the streets of London to the countryside of France itself and even the battlefields of the Iberian Peninsular.
Following a daring rescue mission into northern France, the agents of the Aliens Office learn of appalling acts of treachery that will seriously threaten the military capability of Britain's army. Archie and his men discover traitors plotting at the very heart of the British Army, within Horse Guards itself no less. Could it really be the case that British officers working inside the Army's headquarters have been persuaded to betray their country in support of the French cause?
With the assistance of just a small team of fellow agents, Archie must put his own problems to one side and seek out the truth. From the bustling streets of London to the desolate shoreline of the Sussex Downs, the pursuit of the conspirators will lead to the Iberian Peninsular where Archie will become swept up in the momentous events sweeping that war torn land. Crossing from Portugal into Spain, Archie will be forced to put his life on the line in the heat of ferocious battle in order to thwart a shocking plot designed to turn the tide of war in favour of the French cause. With vast armies comprising tens of thousands of soldiers sweeping back and forth across Iberia, they must hunt down one man in order to prevent disaster. From the very beginning the price in blood will be high and along the way triumph and tragedy will compete for the final word. At every twist and turn, the plotters seem to keep one step ahead of their pursuers and with failure seemingly inevitable, the tragic consequences could change Europe forever.

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