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Solar Minimum - In Spen de Mundo

Greg T Meyers Updated
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Solar Minimum - In Spen de Mundo
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Solar Minimum - In Spen de Mundo

Book Description

Most six year olds in the 1970's played cowboys and Indians in the United States, long before the days of video games and cable, but if you came to my backyard, you would have seen a skinny, blond-haired kid wearing a suit of armor made of cardboard with an old Clorox bottle for a helmet. One of my most-remembered gifts from my parents was plastic sword encrusted with plastic jewels in the hilt--much more beloved than even my bicycle. Where my love for chivalry and the medieval age originated is anyone guess but I was most certainly born with it. To make matters better or worse, during the nineteen-eighties I lived in England while Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister (one of my favorite people) and my intrigue and utter fascination for the age was solidified.

Over the past 30 years, I studied and read about the medieval period and I like to think that I am not disillusioned by the romance our modern age wraps around it. Make no mistake, it was a terribly difficult and brutal time to live and yet, in many ways, it was much more kind and honorable than our own. Perhaps the reason I love the medieval age is because I long for men and women (including myself) to live so honorably, bravely and without guile. There is greatness in all of us and it swells and rises up when physical and emotional needs are starved, which is why we find such tales of human greatness during the darkest of all ages of the world.

To my utter disappointment, I spent 20 years of my adult life as a copy writer and marketer in corporate America instead of being a historian or author. We all take the wrong bus from time to time throughout our lives and wake-up on the wrong side of town, but there is always another bus and another train if we can muster the courage to just get on board. I spent the next few years waking up from a nightmare and reconnecting with the things I loved. Strangely, I am painfully grateful to know what it is to live without hope or peace and on many a dark night, plead for death; the ultimate deliverer from great sorrow.

Thankfully, like all good stories, my life has a hero and I was raised from the ashes because of the love of a woman, my very own Veronica Paige, the heroin from book one of Solar Minimum. Parts of my life's tale is woven into that book, enriched and greatly fabricated with color, wild fantasy and blood--all good story elements. Having lived without it, I love to write about hope. Hope against impossible odds, where miracles happen and truth prevails, a world where I always want to live. Man can live without a lot of things but hope isn't one of them.

I currently reside in a little town up in Rocky Mountains where my imagination runs free and sometimes finds its way into my books. As of this writing, I am still an unpublished writer (self-publishing doesn't count), looking for that first big break. However, at the end of the day, I remember why I write. Thank you for your interest in my work and my passion. I hope you are encouraged, entertained and enlightened by my writing since this is why I write.


We THINK we know our history. We THINK mankind has continually advanced in thought and achievement since the dawn of time. We THINK--but we have no idea what the truth really is.

Our ancestors we're not ignorant, childish nor superstitious. The geologic record around the world proves that they were advanced in many things, some even more than we are today. They were just the unfortunate souls to live at a time when solar flares grew quiet and a medieval hell descended upon mankind, a repetitive and savage cycle throughout our sun's inaccessible history.

In the year 2040, the world is balancing on a razor, as old government alliances flicker and global war descends upon an ignorant populace. A tired old man (Leroy Guiscard) and his brilliant assistant (Veronica Paige) in the U.S. Senate stumble upon a global strategy that began in the year 449 AD--a strategy that is about to be resumed when the greatest solar minimum in the history of the Solar System begins and the world plunges into the fangs of another medieval age.

While the largest military movements in the history of the planet are being deployed to the Middle East, the technological advancements of the West are quickly becoming meaningless as the next world war is about to be fought with swords, alchemy and magic, not technology. The once esteemed knowledge of modern society fades into folklore and myth, while the unfortunate survivors of the Minimum learn to live once again in a world governed by ancient myths and fantastical creatures previously confined to horrific literature and tall tales.

The mortal requirement for secret societies once again becomes paramount in the global reestablishment of freedom, and In Spem de Mundo (The Hope of the World) is formed in the Blue Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace by a defeated royal hero, an obscure U.S. Senator and his beautiful assistant.

In our modern age, every astrophysicist agrees that our sun has secrets. Secrets that the earth is about to re-learn in the epic novel, Solar Minimum.

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