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Love Me or Kill Me

James P. Alsphert Updated
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Love Me or Kill Me - Cable Denning Mystery Series.png

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Full Title
Love Me or Kill Me
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Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
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Dario VannI - Music, Director, Producer
Frances Moss - Digital Art Design & Creations
Richard Weiss, Artistic Contributions
Danny Weiss - Technical Contributions
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Book Description

Cable encounters the invisible, but all seeing, monstrous Gronus-Gor who along with the Oculus is trying to wrest from Cable the secrets of the Fen de Fuqin. He meets goddess Saturnalia, the ‘Girl who lives in a Seashell’ along with action and murder that dot the map of Cable’s life. How do you stop 30 yr. old daredevil Cable Denning, who knows no fear!

On James P. Alsphert…author
First we’ll reveal that James P. Alsphert is a pseudonym……a pen name and leave it at that.

Born in San Francisco the young James was, from an early age, interested in astronomy, astrophysics and simply gazing at stars. He began to journal when he was only twelve years of age. His mind wondered about many things, but particularly, are we alone in the universe? James wrote his first sci-fi reality based adventure “TWIW DON” when he was but a lad of thirteen. “THE STORY OF TSOC” followed and then his interest turned to poetry and philosophy, embracing the works of Thoreau, Emerson, Longfellow, Shakespeare and both American and British classical writers. He did not return to fiction seriously until well into his older years.
Educated in Southern California — particularly the Los Angeles basin — Alsphert became very familiar with the area in which his father lived. Intrigued by a friend of his father’s who in reality, was a private detective……he eventually modeled his own detective Cable Denning after many of those same intriguing characteristics.
Alsphert is knowledgeable about music of many kinds and incorporates much of that in several of Cable’s escapades. He currently resides in Northern California. James P. Alsphert says he has a strong spiritual nature, and continues to study the aspects of inter-dimensional travel, UFO case histories and the hidden things that ‘go bump in the night’. “After all,” he says, “there’s one hell of a Universe out there!”

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