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Little Soot

Ken Klopper Updated
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Little Soot
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

From the pen of L.K. Reppo comes the tale of Little Soot. A tale of adventure and mystery driven by the love of a young girl for her mother and the concerns of a man who believes in her.

It was 1934; the time of the Great Depression and Keith Watts was living a simple life and doing a simple job driving his train on the Southern Line. It was the uncomplicated existence he chose where he was in control and there was little possibility of being hurt again. Then he does a reckless thing by stopping his train to pick up a little, roving girl on the uphill run to Gooseneck Pass. He follows this with even more folly when he decides to accompany the girl on her quest to find a rich grandmother she has never met.
Armed with scanty resources, they set out on foot on a journey that has Watts doing things he never imagined and feeling things he tried so hard to escape.

Has the strange, shy girl with the weird way of expressing herself, touched his life and the lives of others they meet along the way? Or is a series of coincidences forcing the changes? And just how far can love transcend all barriers?

A story packed with drama, mystery, adventure, and humor.

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