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Merc; Retribution

Sean M. Campbell Updated
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Merc; Retribution

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Full Title
Merc; Retribution (Tannis Cladain Book I)
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

Stephanie found herself alone, afraid, and freezing to death, on a small ledge. Her family was gone. Then from an unknown place a strange man came down the cliff to save her.
Then this strange man was also shot right in front of her eyes. She tried to scramble out from under his dead body, but the men who shot him and killed her family, were coming for her. Quietly, a voice whispered in her ear. “Close your eyes and do not open them ‘till I tell you it is okay.”
After the mercenary had saved her from the men that had killed her family, she saw a sight that would change her life. The mercenary’s bullet wounds healed right before her eyes. In astonishment she stammered out a question, “How?”
A voice from behind her answered the question. “He is Tannis Cladain, and that is about all the explanation anyone will give you right now.”
Stephanie was drawn into a life she never dreamed of. She was taken in by this strange man, as the quest for vengeance on her parent’s killers was brought to fruition. Stephanie became one of the companions of this man and a citizen of his country. Stephanie became a Merc.

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