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The Flight of the Sparrow

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The Flight of the Sparrow

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The Flight of the Sparrow
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The Flight of the Sparrow

Book Description

The Sparrow is a state-of-the-art surveillance aircraft, equipped with the latest in imaging sensors and ultra-sensitive listening capabilities. It is invisible to radar and can fly and hover in virtual silence, and can defend itself with the most advanced missiles and machine guns available. It could be disastrous in the wrong hands. And it’s in the wrong hands. When the Sparrow is stolen former government operative and ‘expediter’ David Larkin is hired to find it and get it back. He and his partner Samantha Colt soon encounter an army of highly trained mercenaries and their ruthless leader, who has his own plans for the Sparrow. With the odds against them, Larkin and Colt must elude the soldiers, rescue the Sparrow's pilot and the engineer who designed it, recover the Sparrow and escape before their time runs out.

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