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Dallas Shadows 2

L.R. Claude Updated
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Dallas Shadows 2

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Dallas Shadows 2
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
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L.R. Claude writes to encourage those that think they are alone or that nobody hears their voices. An eclectic author with a hellbent personality, L.R. writes to give voice and purpose to all, with realism and poise.
Dallas Shadows 2

Book Description

Dallas Shadows is past the longest few days she's ever experienced in her life, left bruised and beaten she still isn't defeated or broken. Dallas enjoyed her salad and took in the fresh Florida air but when she lines up a comfy stay for some much needed pampering in a hotel when two strange men begin a new chase. Dallas has nobody she can trust but her and the voice on the phone keeps finding her, are the two men she's eluding from the sex-trafficking ring, the airport she tried to blow up, or are they sent from the voice on the phone that is insistent on meeting up? All Dallas wants to do is get back home to Waylon to be with her family but until she knows she's not endangering them, she can't contact them and tell her mom what's going on. Dallas has to put her boots on, start her bike and ride like the Devil until she knows she safe, or until her next obstacle requires her attention. Book 2 is wilder and more action packed than her first trip and she'll risk it all to stay herself, or die in foreign waters trying.

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