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Dallas Shadows 3

L.R. Claude Updated
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Dallas Shadows 3

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Dallas Shadows 3
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
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L.R. Claude has an affinity for the underestimated. There is strength inside of everybody, if only they would tap into it and see what they are capable of. L.R. Claude has fought indifference, struggled to become able to stand and looks out for areas of inequality and lends talents to even things out in the world.
Dallas Shadows 3

Book Description

Dallas was nearly drowned, blown up and burned while kidnapping a man that kidnaps little girls in the Bahamas but she did what needed to be done, her body couldn't take any more abuse as she nearly drowned swimming back into American waters only to collapse on some beach in just her bathing suit. There isn't anything left in the poor girl and after the chases, the fights, the explosions and dirty scum, Dallas has nothing left to chase. The voice on the phone has lost its' edge, its' leverage and the softness of the sand was all she wants the the last few moments of life. Waking up in some hotel room, in some city with an IV in her arm and a cloudy awareness leaves her craving answers, for once she might get some of her questions, her origins and her history filled in, all while facing a panel of suits in some hush hush government interview.

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