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The Coast Watchers

K. Ray Katz Updated
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The Coast Watchers

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The Coast Watchers
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
The Coast Watchers

Book Description

May 1942- Japan is rolling over Allied forces in the South Pacific and Coast Watchers stationed behind enemy lines are risking their lives alerting Allied forces to Japanese movements.
Two Coast watchers, Clyde and Neville, a pair of off-center English plantation owners working for the Allies have a way of creating havoc and mayhem for both sides as they go about waging war in their own unique way.
Harry Herbert, another Coast Watcher and Geology Professor convinces the Allies that he should be stationed on Krakatoa since he is in love with volcanoes. Harry meets up with a group of Dutch plantation workers on the run from the Japanese on Sumatra. Harry meets Marieke while trying to save Dutch workers and completing his work on Krakatoa. He leads the group on a harrowing chase through the jungle and on the ocean as they try to escape to Australia.

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