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The Littlest Hero

Dan  Vanderburg Updated
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The Littlest Hero

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The Littlest Hero
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
The Littlest Hero

Book Description

A rebellion was stirring in Texas in 1835. Former American settlers were seeing their dreams for a new home and country fall apart as the Mexican government changed their liberal constitution, restricting the Texans' freedoms, making them outsiders in their own country. Rigid new laws forced upon them by the tyrannical Santa Ann's regime led to a Texas revolution for freedom and independence from Mexico.

But The Littlest Hero is not the grandiose story of nation building. It is the uplifting story of a young man -- a little man in physical stature, but with a big heart who just wants to earn respect and discovery his destiny.

In an effort to follow his quest for adventure and his personal code of honor, this young adventurer becomes a freedom fighter for Texas liberty and learns what life, love, loyalty, courage under fire and the misery of war are all about. This is the story of Stub Lebeaux.

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