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Seeds of Destruction

Joe Pranaitis Updated
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Seeds of Destruction

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G.I. JOE: Seeds of Destruction
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Seeds of Destruction

Book Description

Following the events of Mind Disrupter the Joes find themselves facing off against the Cobra scientist Mindbender again as he try's to redeem himself by creating Mini BATS a small robot the size of a microbe and able to penetrate the skin turning his test subjects in his test country England into uncontrollable savages causing their Prime Minster to declare Marshal Law thus forcing the Joes to track Mindbender to Zartan's compound in the Everglades where a battle then ensues while the Joes orbiter the Defiant is launched to retrieve the Cobra delivery system. With the clock ticking will they reverse what Mindbender has done or will Cobra finally win?

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