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Shot List

Nathan Birr Updated
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Shot List

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Shot List - The Douglas Files: Book Four
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Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Shot List

Book Description

After being shot and left to bleed out in an L.A. cemetery on New Year’s Eve, P.I. Jackson Douglas wakes in the hospital, attempting to recall the face of the shooter and the events that brought him to the cemetery in the first place. As he recovers, he replays the previous three months, trying to figure out who wants him dead. East Coast mobsters? Corrupt Mexican businessmen? Someone (a scornful starlet, a creepy stalker) from his brief stint working in Hollywood? All of them have motives, but even as he relives his adventures—one of which led him to the cemetery—the pieces refuse to fall into place.

Identifying his shooter isn’t the only thing on Jackson’s mind. For several months, he’s been tormented by the choices (and their repercussions) he’s made since becoming a private eye. Is it time for him to give up the business for good? Will his quest to find his shooter give him new purpose? And how will he respond when he finds out he may not be the shooter’s only target?

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