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September Summer

Virginia Babcock Updated
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September Summer

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September Summer
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September Summer

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FBI agent, Mitch Harper, is trying to keep a domestic terrorist, Michael Gooding, from blowing up anymore U.S. targets in the summer of 2001. The FBI’s computers are breached, so Gooding knows the names of the active agents and all of their travel plans for the next six months. Gooding has set three of his planned ten bombs. Mitch and his team are desperately trying to stop Gooding from setting off the rest. His only weakness is beautiful women, but he knows the identity of all the female FBI agents.

Jenny Johnson is doing all she can to manage her college class load while working full time for the IRS to pay the bills. Because she’s a federal employee who happens to have a summer itinerary that matches Michael Gooding’s known plans, the FBI taps her as bait, hoping to catch Gooding in time.

Jenny is the woman Mitch has always wanted. Mitch looks like the man of Jenny’s dreams, despite his bossy, perfectionist attitude. As the next bombing date approaches, Jenny pushes Mitch’s buttons as he tries to remain professional and train her to survive the mission. Will the FBI be able to corner Gooding in time? What will happen to Jenny? This is no time for love to interrupt a mission.

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