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Into The Dark

Tobey Alexander Updated
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Into The Dark

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Into The Drk
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Into The Dark

Book Description

A forgotten story is a legend undiscovered

Gabe and his family live a simple life, happy in their world it all begins to crumble when Gabe receives a mysterious package from a forgotten relative. A diary, wrapped in brown paper sets Gabe on a path of rediscovery and sees him, and his family, thrust into harms way at the hands of a mysterious organisation known as the Veks.

Faced with an impossible dilemma Gabe must protect his family by finding and retrieving the legacy of his ancestor. What he had once dismissed as the ramblings of a mad old man seems now to have been mumblings of unbelievable truth. Gabe along with his two children Claudia and Logan will find themselves tested beyond all measure of expectation. Between them they will face challenges that will either pull them together or tear their family apart.

Into The Dark is an enticing adventure born from the original novelette series Origins Of The Magdon. Not every monster’s legacy is remembered in history, sometimes those that are too terrifying and impossible to imagine are forgotten over time. In this heart racing adventure a family must come together to save that which matters to them most. They must face impossible odds and defy all expectation to survive their adventure with every step overshadowed by the mysterious followers of The Magdon.

The first full-length novel born from The Magdon Series you are invited to take your first steps into a world of forgotten beasts that, if unleashed, will threaten all of humanity.

An engaging and tense action adventure from Tobey Alexander well suited to the style and stories of Dan Brown, Christopher Paolini with a sense of adventure akin to the likes of Indiana Jones and The Mummy. Mixing a sense of the real and unreal in an enticing and engaging adventure leaving you questioning just how fictitious is fiction and where exactly does imagination end and reality begin.

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